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Leading Management Systems Audit Teams – TL – Training – 1 Day

Leading Management Systems Audit Teams – TL – Training – 1 Day

This lead audit training course will enable you to conduct effective audits in any auditing situation


This course is intended for professionals with a sound background in management systems who wish to become leaders of second party (supplier) or third party (certification body) audit teams. They must have competencies in auditing skills.

tl-1-day-qmautick-tick-logoKey Outcomes

  • Establish and plan the activities of an audit team
  • Communicate effectively with the auditee and audit client
  • Organise and direct audit team members
  • Prepare and complete the audit report
  • Use remote auditing methods
Who Should Attend
Who Should Attend

  • Auditors and lead auditors who wish to conduct management system audits by leading the audit team.
Global Recognition
Global Recognition

  • This certificate enables successful candidates to apply to Exemplar Global (formally RABQSA International) for certification as a provisional auditor when combined with competencies gained from a Management System course such as QM, EM, OH, IT etc and Exemplar Global-AU.
  • This competency when combined with other competencies of a Management System course and Exemplar Global-AU is recognised by NABET (refer Mutual recognition agreements).
  • Those participants who choose not to submit the assessment will be issued with a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.
Prior Knowledge

Prior Knowledge

  • If the participant is completing this Exemplar Global-TL as a separate training, then the participant must demonstrate that he/she has been deemed competent on Exemplar Global-AU competency. Examiner/Trainer is required to verify with the Head Office for AU competency recognition. Only Exemplar Global-AU competency is recognised.
  • If the participant is completing ISC Global’s Exemplar Global-AU and Exemplar Global-TL competency training on consecutive days, then the participant will be assessed on both AU and TL competencies together and outcome will be assessed together.